A Retailer's Guide to Peak Selling Seasons

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Shoppers spent more than $130 billion during five peak season holiday periods in 2017 and 2018, accounting for more than a quarter of annual e-commerce spending. These U.S. shopping holidays should be an integral part of retailers’ e-commerce strategy. This webinar will analyze the five peak seasons—Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, back-to-school season, Halloween and the Christmas and Hanukkah holidays—providing a guide for merchants to maximize sales during these periods while avoiding lost revenue due to traffic spikes, attacks and fraud.

Internet Retailer editors will dive into the exclusive and first-of-its-kind research and data about e-commerce’s share of these peak selling seasons. The speakers will reveal key shopper trend data, including conversion rates and traffic for each holiday, outline best practices for preparing your website and applications for peak season traffic, discuss fraud techniques that are common during peak periods, and provide a template to assessing your first and third party services and tags before any issues arise.

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Andy Wyatt

Senior Manager - Web Performance & Security
April Berthene

Senior Editor
Internet Retailer


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