How thoughtful UX can benefit both users and advertisers

On Demand Webinar

Your users demand a unique and high-quality digital experience while your advertisers demand viewability and performance from their ad spend.

All too often, these demands are at odds with each other. How can digital publications balance the yin and yang of consumer expectations and advertiser demands while maximizing revenue?

In this webinar, Trusted Media Brands and other industry leaders will share their strategies for crafting, testing and monetizing a world-class digital experience. You will learn:

  • Insight into ever-changing and emerging user expectations best practices
  • The latest on new tools and methodologies publishers are employing to dramatically improve viewability
  • How to delight both users and advertisers — and boost your bottom line
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Brian Murphy

Head of Media Products
Scott Mulqueen

VP of Programmatic and Data Product and Operations
Trusted Media Brands, Inc.


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